Dang Good Foods

Taste of Singapore and more


My name is Daniel Ang. I am a Lakewood resident and have lived in the area for over 10 years. I want share a little of my past so you know how Dang Good Foods came about. 


My childhood and into my young adult years, I grew up on an island no bigger than Cuyahoga County. A few century ago, Singapore was a sleepy Malay fishing village. But once the British took over in the 1800s, it became a thriving port. Immigrants from China, India and other parts of Asia came to Singapore to seek their fortunes. These influences from all over came to bear on this tiny island one degree north of the equator. And that's how the unique Singapore cuisine is born.


In Singapore, eating is considered a national pastime. Friends and family will debate over which hawker stall (an outdoors food court type eatery) has the best of one specific dish. So my journey starts there. It has meandered along many parts of Asia and the Southern, and now, Midwestern U.S.


Dang Good Foods is my dream of introducing the wonderful taste of food found in Singapore. So there may be Chinese, Indian, Malay, Japanese, Korean, and Western food on the menu now and then. 

How did the name Dang Good Foods came about? I worked many years in Corporate America and most of these companies often used your first initial and last name as your company user ID and email. So I often ended up with dang@corporateamerica.com. When I was a Realtor, whilst living in Louisville, KY, I had the website DangGoodHomes. Thus, was born Dang Good Foods.

I hope you enjoy the dishes I've created.